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Open Educational resources (OER) are an exceptional way for educators to utilize digital content in classroom. Open Educational resources  are learning and teaching materials which are freely accessible for everyone online. As I discussed in my previous blog post  these material can be remixed, reorganized and revised and can be effectively used to deliver the knowledge to students. These collections of scrutinized, grade-level, content specific resources will be an asset for teachers and elevate our teaching standards and effectively use the digital content in our classrooms. New forms of communications are illuminating new opportunities for educators and students, this opportunity is why open education resources matter.

As a mathematics lecturer one of the big challenge is to keep our students engaged and excited about math. I must say that advances in technology has made our life easier and I must acknowledge that Open Educational resources has made math lessons fun in classroom and made my job as a teacher easier. It provides pre-made activities, options for distinguishing and even aiding with pre- and post- valuations, as well as grading.

In mathematical education , a manipulative is an object that is designed so that a student can perceive a mathematical concept by manipulating it, so its name. The use of manipulative provides a way for students to learn concepts through a practical experience appropriate to development. Manipulative ‘s aid learning math concepts

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exciting and engaging for students but for teachers buying these supplies for classroom can be expensive. OER provide us a free solution, by using it we can create manipulative’s ourselves.
Instead of investing a lot of time trying to format everything the resources below provide an excellent platform for teachers to get pre-made math goodies.

Black Line Masters , Provides a range of printable tools, materials and resources which is mainly focused for children’s in their Pre-K to ninth grade. The resources which are available here are extremely helpful for teachers, it provides an ocean of materials which can be easily downloaded and printed as per our needs and requirement.

SEN Teacher
 has a load full of printable materials which are focused towards elementary level. It has polygons, clocks, coins, Nets (3D Models), arithmetic makers, number squares, Mazes etc.


I AmHomeschooling.com   also offers ample of ready to use manipulative’s  and  tools which will help teachers for Pre-K to High school. It provides abundant resources for every student needs for different levels. We can print materials right from algebra tiles to cuisenaire style rods and fraction circles.
These Open educational resource repositories are very easy to access and extremely user friendly, the mathematical contents and material are very well organized and has high printing quality. It aids teachers prepare resourceful course contents for students and make mathematics fun.

Our classrooms today’s are embedded with remarkable technology and it has helped us deliver course content efficiently and has enhanced classroom learning. There are many resources especially for mathematics teachers by which we can eradicate the long standing math fear phobia from students. The web resources below have some great resources for math teachers and most of them are free, these sites offer best lesson plans videos and cover entire course.

Khan Academy  Is an excellent pit stop for teacher’s and it is completely free. It contains exceptional collections of videos presenting difficult mathematics topics in a way which can be easily understood. There are numerous drill questions which can be used in conjunction with the videos. The resources are very well organized and it also


easy to play around with the website. The grade level mathematics resources in Khan academy address all most all core mathematics standards and helps focused learning and the videos aid vibrant instruction.

Discovery Education  Provides a series of new and remarkable pre-made lesson plans for math teachers. It is regularly updated with new materials which covers levels from pre-K to K-12.

Where as the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics   Showcases that the math lessons can be fun and more than just a “drill and kill!. It has the outstanding accumulation of lesson plans and activities. They are free and accelerated towards different levels, it works to aid us by collective access to quality standards-based resources for learning and teaching mathematics. It also provides collaborative tools for students and instructional support for educators.

Learn Zillion  is an excellent stop for math teachers if they are looking to improve classroom discussions with the help of videos and lesson plans complex mathematical subjects can be easy to understand in engaging way. The website has to offer math educational contents in fun and exciting way which is suitable for every level of students. Teachers can use these videos to start a lesson and introduce new ideas which is very important to engage students in math class.

With Mathalicious, Math can be fun and exciting, Using this resource Math teacher can spice up the middle and high school students by making math lesson a whole lot easier. These remarkable assortments of lessons will not only get the students thinking and problem solving, but they will have a lot fun while solving it ! The lessons are classically geared towards using math in practical applications, which really helps students see the significance of learning and understating math

Even though we were supposed to choose one major Open education resource repositories and evaluate its resource but mathematics has such a wide scope and enormous availability resources made me explore quite a few repositories. These resources are very well organized and is extremely user friendly and a great asset for educators to elevate their teaching practices.

The efficient use of these open educational resources embeds a new style to learning which can be implemented to every level of the education sector., letting learning and teaching materials to be produced and then used and reused, remixed by everyone. It will be a boon to novice educators to guide them into perfection. The mathematics teaching fraternity has been extremely enriched by these resources, it has simplified the instructional process and made math class fun and engaging for students. OER’S has increased flexibility in how we use the course content and emphasizes learning communities, learner engagement. The advantages of OER’s are bountiful yet it has some challenges to offer. If not properly trained and educated on using OER’s and finding the right course content teachers tend to invest a lot of time planning their lessons and selecting alternate readings and other materials for class.

With that being said finally it leaves me with questions on how many of us are efficient utilizing OER’s? and contributing to updated the current content? how do we deliver better learning experiences to more students? And How do we get the most up-to-date content when we want it? How to overcome the accessibility issues when file formats that are not always compatible with our computer’s software or version? What do you guy’s think?





  1. Thank you so much for this amazing post! I have always struggled with math, both learning it and teaching it and I am so grateful to have this list compiled! I have been bookmarking many of the pages and links you suggested. I will admit, I have not done anything to contribute to OER’s (for the many reasons I put into my previous blog posts) but I think the OER’s give us the opportunity to bring a better learning opportunity and reach a broader audience of students. I think accessing such a wide variety of materials through OER’s gives teachers a chance to modify materials to reach every kind of learner. Thank you again for the great post, I can’t wait to dig a little deeper into these resources. 🙂

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