The Magic of Vedic math in solving multiplication problems

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As a mathematics lecturer from past 6 years one thing I have noticed among my students and peers is the hatred for math. The more I talk to people about math, the more I hear this word: “I don’t like math, because math problems have only one answer. I’m really bad at math how can I get better. When I start talking about it I have had situations where people looking at me as if I was from mars, so let us start the journey of learning and make math simple and joyful with Technic of Vedic math which I call math with Magic.

In my previous post ,I have discussed about the Technic of Vedic math which can be used to simplify complex mathematical problems, in this post we will learn to apply this Technic in solving multiplication problems. Vedic math is an ancient Indian system of math that has been rediscovered and researched by Swami bharati krishna tirtha, and has become very popular because of its superiority over traditional math. By understanding this Technic, we can solve complex arithmetic problems mentally and that too in much less time.

I am big fan of Ted –Ed let us begin our journey by playing with numbers ……

Multiplication will  become a lot more fun using vedic technic and we can solve complex numbers in a minute and that too without using a calculator. I have implemented vedic technic of multiplication in solving  three digit number and explained every steps with the pictorial representation of the vertical and cross multiplication method . Due to the limitation in word press I had issues in posting , please click the link below.

Vedic mathematics multiplication.

After going through the vedic technic of multiplication in solving three digit number I guess most of you might have felt the magic but some of us might take a little getting used to it, no worries in the below video I have solved four digit multiplication problem using Vedic Technic and after watching it I am positive that you will find vedic math interesting and fun.

When any number has to be multiplied by series of 9,99,9999 and so on then we can apply very simple Vedic math technique and solve problems in lesser time. Please click the link below.

Vedic-multiplication-by-9,99,999 and so on…. 


Image via Mind hacks

 Solving Problems Based on Base Numbers.

Thank you for your time, in my next post we will learn some more applications of Vedic math and Make Mathematics simpler and joyful.




8 thoughts on “The Magic of Vedic math in solving multiplication problems

  1. Thank you for your post! I spend a great deal of time agonizing over the same questions you do. Working against attitudes that turn against mathematics and students having perceptions of themselves as being unable to do mathematics.

    Your post on vedic math is interesting. It could be particularly useful for acting as a hook for older students who aren’t grasping numeracy as strongly.

    With younger students, I have been experiencing some success with Power of Ten, a resource/program emphasizing visualization. Have you had any experience yourself with this program, or know of it?

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  2. This is so cool! As a fellow math teacher, I totally understand the struggle to get students to buy into math. The “I hate math, I’m not good at it” makes me want to bang my head on a desk. I could see this working very well with my calculus bunch and giving them a cool trick they can blow other students minds with! It could also be a great way to get students engaged and excited about learning math in a different way. I look forward to seeing more from your blog!

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